Monday, August 29, 2011

Finished stocking (minus the lace at the top!)
After a bout with some horrible stomache ailment lasting for days, I am finally finished with the last of the hand sewing on my stockings! I am now debating whether to sew on the antique trim that I have, or the grandma lace...
Grandma lace
Antique trim
My husband thinks the trim is too dark, I think 
I like the lace better also!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am patterning my stockings by fabric draping (sounds easy enough, right?), I thought about it while I was camping with my family! 
As soon as I got home and was settled I made a paper pattern of my foot for the sole then I started with some muslin fabric for the pattern.  I draped and pinned strips of fabric to my leg and determined where the side seam and gussets should be. 
I trimmed off excess fabric to make them fit properly. Then I copied the paper sole pattern onto fabric adding enough fabric at the sides for the gussets - I know in period maybe they would have used simply a tiny triangle to fill in the space but for me this worked!
Fabric draping to create stocking pattern.
Final patterns laid on the bias
 I cut the 'legs' of the stockings on the bias for extra stretch but the sole I cut 4 on the grain for stability and comfort (I have sensitive feet and thought it would be nice without inside seams bothering me). 
So far these should be great! The patterns however don't look anything like patterns I have seen online. 
Wish me luck! I will probably be stitching them up tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I found a picture of the extant draws supposedly belonging to Queen Elizabeth I. 
I am using these to inspire me for the ones I am making, I don't think I will make the opening so large as to be open in the crotch! 
I do like the style of the waistband and also the embroidered trim and lace on the hems. The small picture on the right is the back

Monday, August 8, 2011


For my Draws (or drawers, or bloomers) I am using some linen that has been in my stash for a few years thanks to my sister Aine. I am also going to use some lace that I acquired years ago from my mother’s stash, although it may not be a period type of lace it is very pretty and may be nearly 50 years old. I would like to do some embroidery on them but it might not happen for this challenge, I am not very talented with embroidery (unless it is by machine!).

Friday, August 5, 2011


I love Noelle's stockings that she wore to Baron's war last month and I am to make some for me for the Artemisian challenge. I really wanted to be able to knit them but I am very lame and cannot knit (I can crochet!). I found a pattern with instructions online (  I am making a mock-up out of some misc. fabric from my stash, I hope they work! If not Astrid told me she would like to teach me how to make them, I hope I can have some time to hang out!